At InkedFur we understand that producing and selling prints of your work can be intimidating, and as such, many artists prefer to focus on the creative side of their work.

Your Success Is Our Success

At InkedFur, we love furry art. We are active in the fandom and will help get your work to those most likely to buy it. We’ll promote, print, mat, and ship your work so that you can worry less about sales and more about making great artwork.

We seek experienced artists who have a consistent quality and regularly color and shade their pieces.

InkedFur Believes in Quality First

We use a professional Canon ImagePROGRAF 6400S printer on luster (semi-gloss) Kodak photo paper. Our mat process is always acid-free and includes a foam backing board. With this printer, we can print up to 24 x 36 inch posters and two by ten foot banners on vinyl.

Why Join InkedFur

InkedFur Printing Other Sites
We inspect your work before printing and adjust as necessary for best print possible. They rely on you to prepare image for their printers.
We allow more creative content freedom. They have strict guidelines on what they print.
You never pay us. They sometimes have monthly premiums.
We focus on high-quality furry art. They have no focus making it easy to get lost in the crowd.
We pay 35-40% of sales. They pay 10-20% of sales.

What InkedFur Printing Does for You

  • We provide a website where customers can order your artwork.
  • We print, mat (if ordered), and ship your works.
  • 35% of all print sales of your artwork goes directly to you (40% for exclusives).
  • Any collaborations with other creators, get them to join too, and you each get 18% of the sale.
  • An even higher rate for exclusive pieces, such as you posting just a censored image and we sell prints of the uncensored image.
  • We offer discounted bulk printing options of your artwork. For example, if you want 10 prints of all your images mailed to you or delivered personally to you at a convention to sell, we can perform that service for you. We also offer bulk matting. This is great if you run a Patreon and want to mail out incentives to subscribers.
  • You can select a series of images to be sold together at a discount. For instance, an underwear boys portfolio or a naughty girls collection.
  • During most promotions, your compensation–the amount you receive per sale–is based on the full price of the work, not the discounted price given to the customer.
  • On your artist page, we link back to any galleries you have, commission page, and even any websites you run.
  • If you’ve provided artwork for us to print, you can have us remove it from the store with a 24-hour notice. You can also have your entire gallery removed at your discretion.
  • You retain all rights to your artwork; you may continue to sell your work through other vendors and services if you desire.

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