We’ve had artists curious how the money is distributed on InkedFur. Many sites only pay 20% to artists and they won’t even do adult artwork. We pay more and do adult artwork. Some artists not familiar with printing costs have asked why we can’t pay more then 35% and keep our prices competitive. Here is a full breakdown.

For every $500 in sales on InkedFur, assuming we have $1,000 in sales a month, this is where the money goes:

Here is a cost breakdown for the site to run if you’re curious of the exact overhead. This is assuming we have 100 print sales a month.

Remember, we do pay 5% more if you offer exclusive images. We also pay 18% to each artist in a collaboration piece (up to two artists). And remember, you will never be charged PayPal fees. We cover those. We are here to make sure artists can profit while we can keep providing a stellar service.