While we hate limiting artists, there is some art we just won’t print to sell in your store. (This does not apply to direct printing orders to the commissioner or artist. We will print your cat photos if you want, your selfie collection, just please no dead things or child porn.) This is mainly to keep with the theme of the site and general laws around the world.

  • Fetishizing violence. Any art that portrays an abused victim. Some of our artists and customers are survivors and we don’t like art that makes light of some traumatic experiences. BDSM is allowed but nothing that fetishizes violence, especially against women. Some pieces may be allowed if it appears consensual. It’s up to our judgment. This is as far as we’ll go. (not for the faint of heart/stomach).
  • Hate art: Any art that is made to attack a group, such as a gender, race, handicap, orientation, specific individual, etc.
  • Children in adult situations: Otherwise known as adult cub art to some. Chibi art or cubs not in adult situations is okay. We also allow size-difference, macro, micro, etc. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. We approve these on a case-by-case basis.
  • Wildlife portraits. While we like a lot of it, it doesn’t sell to furries looking for furry art in most cases we’ve seen.
  • Humans doing human things. Unless a fur, demon, or something else is involved.
  • Rough sketches, work in progresses, or hastily drawn art.
  • Hard vore: As in the victim dies or is dismembered.
  • Guro: We’ll print most gore without a problem; however, sexualized gore will not be permitted.
  • Snuff: No. Just no.

We encourage all are artists to submit anything they think would sell. It is always up to our discretion to sell it. In the future, we hope to widen our range of available prints. This will depend on future filtering systems we might implement so customers and artists can consent to what is viewable to them.