• Digital portfolio sales, similar to Gumroad except no PayPal and adult items allowed. However, we heavily discourage selling full resolution digital files when you are also selling prints. 35%? No. We’ll pay you 90% of all sales. Remember, there’s no 3% + $0.35 PayPal fee. So you’re only paying us the fees, a furry business, instead of helping PayPal or another service make even more money.
  • Full-color adult comic book printing and selling paying 30% plus 50% buying your own copies! If you are working on a comic or already have a comic posted online, please contact us. Just add a bit of extra content for the print version and you’ll likely be approved.
  • Wall scrolls! You get the same 35% for these as well and yes they can be adult too. Just specify when uploading art if you want a wall scroll of it available. Depending on interest and content, we may elect to have it as a wall scroll.
  • Dakimakuras: We now offer dakimakuras at 62 x 20 inches. This is wider than most dakimakuras so US pillows fit much more comfortably. We offer these in three different fabrics: peachskin, plush, and 2way tricot.
  • Pillow cases: We also sell standard pillow cases at 20 x 28 inches in size.
  • Beach Towels: Available in multitudes of sizes. These are all single-sided and large.

Potential Future Services

We will always focus on providing the best prints possible, but due to creator inquiries and suggestions, we may be offering some or all of the below services in the future:

  • Calendars
  • Art books
  • T-shirts and other clothing
  • Trading cards